High reliability electronic components

JSC "Vostok" is qualified supplier to the Russian market of imported electronic components.

JSC "Vostok" signed contracts with the official distributors of world famous manufacturers of highly reliable and radiation-resistant electronic components: DDC (Maxwell), E2V, Isocom  ltd, Kemet, Artmel/Microchip, Peregrine, Pulse Electronics, Smiths Interconnect, Texas Instruments and others. Years of experience on the Russian market, JSC "Vostok" to provide competitive prices and guaranteed delivery times to its customers.

Highly qualified engineers and scientists working in JSC "Vostok", are experienced in the operation of high-tech equipment and participation in research and development. Clients of JSC "Vostok" can take advantage of the expert knowledge and assistance in the use of supplied electronic components in their designs.

JSC "Vostok" regularly conducts technical seminars and sessions with participation of representatives of manufacturers of electronic components.

The quality management system of JSC "Vostok" is certified according to ISO 9001.